Numbers that clearly speak for themselves.

 Our third consecutive Constructors' Championship title, the fourth in Ducati's history in MotoGP, and with five races to go, fills us with great pride for all it stands for. Even though we expected it, given the results achieved, we want to celebrate it as it justly deserves because it represents the work of all the Ducati women and men, whom I thank wholeheartedly for their unceasing commitment, both on the track and at home. A title that is the result of 10 seasonal victories out of 16 races contested, together with important and valuable placings achieved by all our riders: numbers that clearly speak for themselves. It is also significant, and a source of great satisfaction, that the successes obtained are scored by the 2 riders, that amongst all, are making the difference and who will be team mates next year in the Lenovo Ducati Team. Right to the last metre they proved it again today: uncontested protagonists of a challenge taken to the limit with great competitiveness and sporting integrity, befitting their reciprocal respect and fairness. A formidable Enea, who was practically perfect, made this splendid GP his own, one in which Pecco was equally fast and determined, but also wisely taking no unnecessary risks in the final lap, thus making the most of a race favourable to our team. A classification that could reopen for more riders: we must continue to work and fight for that ultimate dream, to be built race after race with the same approach we have shown so far. Come on, Ducati!