The 2019 Ducati Grandstand season is over, check out the 2020 calendar!

In November the curtain fell on the MotoGP 2019 Championship, which also ended the Ducati Grandstands for this season. Ducati competed in 11 different countries, giving all its fans a chance to enjoy front-row seats to watch races at international circuits. An ideal stage for cheering on the MotoGP Ducati Team live.

The 2019 Grandstand season ended with Ducati Grandstands at 11 MotoGP races and at the Laguna Seca stage of the SBK World Championship, in three different continents: Europe, America and Asia. 

In 2019 more than 10,000 fans watched the races from the grandstands of the ‘Rossa di Borgo Panigale’.

For the 2020 season Ducati Grandstands will be available at 12 races of the MotoGP calendar:

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