With original accessories your Supersport can take a Supertrip

Add all the sportiness of the track to your daily travels. And now also to your longer journeys. The touring configuration of the new Supersport has expertly gathered all the precious accessories that will make your next trip an adventure to be enjoyed to the fullest, in total comfort. This without giving up an iota of dynamism and elegance that made you fall in love with this Ducati bike the first time you saw it. 

When travelling, even as a couple, it is important not to get fatigued. This is why there is a touring smoke-tinted windscreen, which thanks to its specially designed shape significantly improves aerodynamic protection, reducing the impact of the air on the rider and passenger. 

Comfort is also critical when the destination is far away. With the comfort seat you will be able to maintain an optimal riding position, with the ideal knee bend angle typical of the new Supersport, and thanks to the high-density foam and special non-slip fabrics even those travelling with you can enjoy every single moment. Of course, if there are two of you then choosing what to pack is critical. Planning what to take will be even easier thanks to rigid side panniers, with waterproof zips and padlock, easy to quickly attach and able to expand for greater capacity while still maintaining their lightness and sporty lines. The style? Compact and sophisticated just like your Supersport, which you can further emphasise with elegant details and sporty upgrades.

With Akrapovič approved silencers with titanium liner and carbon heat guard you can further underscore and enhance your riding experience, and your Supersport can show off an even more sophisticated look. Sportiness remains the beating heart of your bike, with the typical single-sided swinging arm and the tank with a sculpted shape. The aluminium number plate holder is an option that you have available that will integrate perfectly with the profile of your Supersport, making it even more slender and responsive. And if you like details with a bold look, the protective mesh for the water cooler will allow you to transform this part of the bike into a design element. A further touch of sporty taste for the handlebar area? Covers for brake and clutch fluid reservoirs in perfect Ducati style. 

Your Supersport is chomping at the bit to conquer new roads: with all its comforts and even more captivating look you won't want to come back home.