The playlist for motorcycle travel? Ducati Music on Spotify

Three travel concepts, three playlists with which to feel like a film star.

A film that passes in front of your eyes. Long tracking shots of the wild landscape, close-ups of you and your bike, details of the road. When your trips are set to music, a soundtrack that punctuates the turns and flows along the straights, it’s easy to feel like a movie star, with the wind on your back and your heart chomping at the bit.

What kind of film is your trip, and what is its soundtrack?

If your bike trip is… an adventure movie

The sun that warms your arms, the inevitable dust, the urge to reach the horizon and see what is beyond, simply for the pleasure of the journey. If your every road trip is synonymous with adventure, here are the tracks you need on your playlist.

Free - Donavon Frankenreiter

A fresh and airy song that hints at new encounters, sand at the bottom of a rucksack, roads overlooking the sea and clear skies. A hymn to freedom, to taking each road as it comes, to feeling at home everywhere. 

Road To Nowhere - Talking Heads

This track by Talking Heads, which denounces a society that tends to be guided by false promises, is a clear invitation to think for yourself. And to travel, solo, in whatever direction you deem correct, even at the cost of doing so alone.

Road Trippin' - Red Hot Chili Peppers

A track that is both full of melancholy and full of hope. It talks of friends who meet again and set off, leaving everything behind in search of something new. Within the self, first and foremost.

If your bike trip is… a romantic movie

Trips are not all about adventure. There are journeys that carry us towards someone, and those we take with someone by our side. If this is your idea of travel, here’s the playlist for you.

Leader of The Pack - Shangri-Las

This track by the Shangri-Las speaks of a rebellious love, between a boy on a motorbike and a girl with a strict father. He sort of smiled and kissed me goodbye/the tears were beginning to show/as he drove away on that rainy night/I begged him to go slow/but whether he heard, I’ll never know”.

Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

An invitation to spend time together. Everywhere, anywhere and under any circumstances. To feel free and protected at the same time. 

I'll Come Too - James Blake

One soul who is keen to leave, and another soul who follows. Abandoning his fear of getting lost.

If your bike trip is… an action movie

For those who consider travelling a mission. Pushing beyond limits to challenge yourself rather than others. Because when you reach the final destination, it’s great to turn and look back.

Final Frontier - Thomas Bergersen

Like the stars of Interstellar, the soundtrack of which includes this track, Bergersen’s music encourages us to keep going. To the end of the road, to the end of the world.

Arrival To Earth - Steve Jablonsky

From the Transformers soundtrack, this track is heroic and solemn. Like the majestic stride of one who has finally reached their long-awaited destination.

Time To Come Home - Blake Neely

For when the challenge is complete, and it’s time to return home. For when the end of a journey marks the start of a return, as wonderful as the departure.

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