Motorcycle itinerary in Germany: discovering the Black Forest

The Black Forest

Once upon a time there was a forest. It was dense, so dense that the sun’s rays were unable to penetrate the leafy canopy of its firs. This meant it was dark and mysterious, but also teeming with life. The land boasted enchanted valleys and beautiful lakes, gentle hills and magical waterfalls, fairy-tale castles and picturesque villages. Visitors were struck by a beauty that existed nowhere else.

This forest still exists today. It’s the Black Forest. Located in the Baden-Württemberg state of south-west Germany, it is one of the most evocative destinations in Western Europe, and the world. The Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour is the ideal companion on a journey to discover the true, hidden soul of this magical, fairy-tale land. An itinerary that highlights the timeless surroundings and unspoiled nature.

Colourful city, green city

The journey begins in Freiburg im Breisgau, a university town rich in history, culture and charm. Its picture-postcard houses stand out for their colourful facades and pointed roofs. A palette of pastel shades, in what is also one of Europe’s greenest cities. A city that lives for, and produces, energy, most of its inhabitants travel by bike or use public transport, as the city centre is closed to traffic, while solar panels are everywhere. As well as breathing in the magical atmosphere of the town’s narrow lanes, it’s nice to take a break in one of its squares, like the one at the foot of the cathedral, sitting down with a coffee and tasting a local delicacy, the delicious Black Forest gateau with its chocolate, cream and cherries.

Land of lakes

It’s time to get back in the saddle. Next stop? Titisee, a beautiful lake immersed in greenery. To get there, we take the B3 and, after three kilometres, turn in the direction of Schwarzwaldstraße. Once at Kirchzarten, we take the B31. Approximately 20 kilometres further on is the town of Titisee. The lake is simply spectacular. Created out of the glaciers of Cordillera de Feldberg, its crystal waters are surrounded by lush forest. Having filled up on the magic that is this pearl of the Black Forest, it’s time to head on to another lake, Schluchsee, an attractive reservoir lake a short distance away, nestled among the green fields and dense trees.

A beautiful waterfall

The final stop on our trip takes us to the Triberg Falls. Among the highest in Germany (163 metres), the falls gush from seven levels of granite rock. This layout makes for a spectacular series of springs, enveloped by lush vegetation. Seven steps to take in, one at a time, a wonder to watch and be inspired by. 

Our fairy-tale journey ends here. An up-close-and-personal with some glorious, magical scenery.

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