Exploring Emilia-Romagna and its wellness valley aboard the Multistrada 950 S GP.

Emilia Romagna: motorbiking in the wellness valley

Certain places have the power to change our attitude to life when we visit. One of these is Emilia-Romagna, where inhabitants have an innate and irresistable propensity for happiness and “feeling good”. Part of their very DNA, it is hard to overlook.
The well-being of the Romagnoli people has to do with enjoying the small things but is also deep-rooted and all-embracing. It is well-being of the body, satisfied by a cuisine that is full of flavour and tempered by an active life and, above all, it is well-being of the spirit. Because in Emilia-Romagna, more than anywhere else, there is a shared belief that laughter truly is the best way to respond to life, and that stopping now and then to watch the world go by is the secret to restoring energy and rediscovering oneself.
Riding across a land where the seemingly opposing attitudes of slowness and dynamism are both equally valid ways of interpreting well-being is an experience that you won’t forget, as it is one that leaves an indelible mark, transforming body and mind.
In Wellness Valley, aboard the Multistrada 950 S GP White , you will travel roads that lead to small, new worlds. And you needn’t worry about tracing the route marked on the map, as any diversion your heart suggests will see you immersed in unexpected wonder, while finding your way back to the road will be easier than you think. And you will see that, in a place where life is lived with spontaneity and light-heartedness, feeling good is the most natural thing of all.

Cervia. Sea, sand, happiness

A walk on the beach at dawn when the sand is cool and the air smells of salt and stars. The sun caressing your skin. A traditional piadina eaten while looking out to sea, taking in every nuance of deep and intense flavour. Those who visit Emilia-Romagna cannot fail to be seduced by the cheerfulness and beauty of its waters and coast. In Cervia, for example, the beaches offer the possibility of total relaxation centred around good food, sport and fun. Just a short distance from the suggestive salt pans you will find beach clubs ready to welcome you for a day of sheer idleness. Even a simple day at the beach can bring moments of pure and perfect happiness. 

Forlì-Cervia. Walks that warm the heart

A walk in natural surroundings has the power to righten what is wrong and lighten what previously appeared hopelessly heavy. And in Wellness Valley you can find surprising pathways through wild, enchanted nature. If, during your trip, you feel the need to park up and stretch your legs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. In the province of Forlì-Cesena you can head down paths with fairy-tale names like the Sentiero dei Frutti Perduti (Path of the Lost Fruit), a route dotted with examples of the oldest fruit trees, or the Sentieri dell'Alto Rubicone, sixteen paths that criss cross and are particularly appealing to trekking enthusiasts.

Rimini. Total well-being

Thermal baths are the ultimate temple of well-being, where tension is washed away and where guests can restore body and mind, finally finding the time to do nothing. The wealth of Wellness Valley spas include those of Rimini where you can enjoy thermal muds, wellbeing pathways, special treatments and much more besides, in a context of absolute relaxation and tranquillity for the senses.

Then, to end the day, throw yourself into a Romagnolo evening of laughter and enjoyment: you’ll soon remember just how easy it sometimes is to be happy.