The adrenaline of the Turkish rally, aboard the Multistrada 1260 Enduro

Transanatolia 2020: beyond the borders

The dirt path that hugs the lunar landscape of the Tuz Golu lake, the 3000 metre-high rocky mountains, and the beaches of the Black Sea are just some of the settings making up the 10th edition of the Transanatolia Rally. The Turkish rally, one of the world’s main rally raid events, took place in August. Seven stages over seven days and an average of eight hours of daily navigation through the rugged and fascinating scenery of the Turkish peninsula, for a total of 2850 km that combines stony, sandy terrain with some very fast sections.

The Red Adventure

This is a journey that exalts power and greatness, across the wild territories of Australia. A story of friendship, an adventure riding a Ducati Multistrada on some of the most beautiful and wildest dirt trails in the world.

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The raid starts from chaotic, intriguing Istanbul, the imperial palace of Dolmabahce serving as a backdrop, before heading in the direction of Şile, across the cities of Abant, Aymana and Karadag. A fascinating ride through the wonders of the Anatolia peninsula, amidst nature, history and culture, just as the competition’s tagline suggests. During the race, riders experience unspoiled nature such as the salt lake of Tuz Golu – the largest hypersaline lake in Asia Minor and Turkey’s second largest lake in terms of size, an immense white expanse that sparkles in the sunlight – before taking on more challenging, slow sections of technical, rocky mountain.  

A unique and very demanding experience where professional and amateur riders battle it out on breath-taking paths by day before coming together around the fire and Berber tents come the evening. The race is not to be underestimated and takes real sweat and tears effort, as well as unwavering concentration.

One of the most exciting moments of the Transanatolia came when rider and tester Andrea Rossi won with his Multistrada 1260 Enduro, making his mark on East-West rallying by placing first in the twin-cylinder category and in the top ten overall.

After having experienced the emotions of the rally raid and the evocative atmosphere of the Anatolia peninsula, it is hard to ignore the pull of dirt riding and high-octane excitement. The DRE Enduro Academy is an ideal opportunity to discover all the secrets to off-road riding. This complete experience, lasting a day and half, is held at the enchanting Castello di Nipozzano, not far from Florence. There is no shortage of excitement as participants ride the challenging tracks, steep up and downhills, and uneven terrain typical of the desert, for all the thrills of the Turkish rally in a very different, but equally suggestive, setting.

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