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From Bologna to
North Cape.
An alternative route.

Riding the Multistrada V4 to North Cape, chasing the spectacular Norwegian scenery along an unconventional route.

The wonder
of the unexpected

Last summer, photographer and keen Ducatista, Marco Rimondi, decided to take a solo trip to North Cape with the Multistrada V4. 

This type of motorcycle trip often brings unforeseen schedule changes owing to external factors, such as the weather. But sometimes, the unexpected leads us to discover wonderful roads that we would never have travelled, had everything gone to plan.

And this is exactly what happened to Marco, who tells us all about his alternative route to North Cape, with 200 km/h winds, surprise encounters, and Norwegian road signs. 

Not the usual itinerary

Most riders come up via Finland, deviate briefly into Sweden and then head back down through Norway. This is because there is a set route that involves a less challenging climb and very straight roads, avoiding Norway’s longest and bumpiest road (at least when climbing back up). 

“I didn’t want to follow that route because I hadn’t specifically set my sights on North Cape. My aim was to take in the Atlantic Ocean Road, which I’d been wanting to travel for a long time. So I said to myself, let’s take it day by day, based also on the most critical variable - the weather.”

The Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road is a coastal highway in Norway that connects the islands of Averøy and Eide. 8.3 km long, it crosses a series of islands, passing across five bridges, the most famous of which is Storseisundet Bridge, known for its iconic curved shape. The road offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding islands.

Towards Östersund, intersected by the E45

The weather was very strange last summer. It wasn’t uncommon to come across riders in difficulty, soaking wet after encountering heavy rain.

“From the Atlantic Ocean Road, many decide to head to the Lofoten islands, but I’d already seen them. So, at the last minute, I decided to try another road. I headed north, even though some friends had just returned and had experienced bad weather.”

And so the journey continued to the city of Östersund, in Sweden, a strategic area in that it enjoys the protection of a mountain range which blocks a lot of the rain. It is also a lesser-known route, meaning there are few bikers.

“And that’s how I came to discover this beautiful road, which almost nobody travels, literally immersed in the woods. Every so often you’re met with unbelievable scenery, these incredible lakes that leave you no choice but to stop and enjoy the view.”

Östersund is also a city intersected by European Route E45, a road that stretches a total of 5190 km and directly links Sicily to Sweden. In the end, the decision to cover more miles in Sweden paid off, not just for the weather, but also in terms of time. In Sweden, the maximum permitted speed is 110 km/h, while in Norway you can never exceed 80 km/h.

Capo Nord e il tunnel verso la fine del mondo.

North Cape, which is on the island of Magerøya, could only be reached by ferry until 1999. But now there is a tunnel, approximately 8 km in length, that passes beneath the fjord and has an entry and exit ramp with a 12% gradient. 

“When you’re inside the tunnel it’s all wet and you feel like you’re just going down and down. It’s like being at the end of the world! And the strangest thing is that there are loads of people travelling it by bicycle.” 

“The best thing about this trip is definitely the last 200-kilometre stretch. An unforgettable experience that has you thinking you’re on a moon, made of nothing but moss and reindeer.”

Along this final stretch, it’s normal to find yourself travelling at 60-80 km/h due to the wind. 

“...And yet, with the Multistrada V4, you’re not tired. The riding comfort and heated hand grips and seat are a priceless luxury. They change your life. You keep on going and don’t even realise.”

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Discover the adventure
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