Kenya without frontiers

A marvellous trip in Kenya: breathtaking views and unique environments from the seat of a Multistrada V4 Rally.
Off-road Kenya. A journey for free spirits.

It's so true that the most amazing adventures start from somewhere you've never been before. Sometimes this means pushing the boundaries of a dirt track, and this is exactly what a couple of friends, Andrea and Alessandro, have done.

Astride their Multistrada V4 Rally, they adventured into the off-road Kenya, entering into contact with the most authentic form of nature, and all its magnificence.

The story of Andrea Rossi, enduro motorcyclist and test rider.

“I must admit I am slightly in love with Africa. There a no words to describe the sensations that total contact with uncontaminated nature and these epic landscapes bestow.

We wanted to experience the feeling of being able to push beyond the boundaries of what we already know.

In this sense, Africa is definitely the ideal frontier. An environment where the temperature, unforeseen events and travel routes can really put you to the test!”

“Motorbikes have the ability to make you feel much closer to the locations and realities you encounter when travelling. You are never behind a windscreen, and more exposed to everything.

And this is what allows you to experience even stronger emotions.

It was so amazing to be able to get so close to so many animals, whilst always showing our respect. For instance, watching lions, lionesses or elephants from such a short distance was astounding, a completely unique experience!

Travelling by bike also allows you to enter into contact with the local populations, to establish relations more easily.

That's what a bike does, it acts as a communication channel!

During my last trip, for example, we got lost and had to ask a lad we met on a bike for directions. Not only did he give us the directions, but he insisted on accompanying us to our destination. Despite the fact that we were miles away.”

Our travel companion

“This bike is a truly tireless travel companion. Its strong points are definitely its versatility and reliability, the ideal characteristics for a journey such as this.

Thanks to the Riding Modes, you always feel at ease, whatever the terrain. And this sense of tranquillity allows you to enjoy your experience to the full, without missing out on a single minute of your adventure.

The 30-litre tank is a fundamental aspect when travelling in areas where refuelling is not always guaranteed. The fact that you don’t have to stop so often, and therefore enjoy your journey for longer is pure bliss!”

Worldwide Adventures

Without frontiers, but with a destination in mind.

Get ready to enjoy the best adventures in the world along with your Ducati. Travelling to distant places where the horizon blends into the sky, to discover different cultures, where nature has the upper hand and the best way to enjoy it to the full is on your bike.

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