Unexplored gems of the Sorrento Peninsula.

Vacations on the Amalfi Coast: discover its beauties by motorcycle

The heady perfume of flowers and the sun’s sparkle on the waves are your travel companions as you follow a continuous white line on the asphalt, one bend after another. Why fly to the Amalfi Coast when you have a Multistrada and a desire to go beyond the beaten track? 

This summer is very different and sees an intense vital force combine with the desire to travel while protecting ourselves and others. And that’s why choosing two wheels and less popular destinations could well be the solution when it comes to a summer vacation. And so we climb aboard. The Multistrada allows us to discover those hidden corners of a much-loved destination, the Amalfi Coast.

No one will deny us a walk through the lanes of Positano or an Amalfi IGP lemon granita in one of the cafés in the oldest maritime republics. But on two wheels we can also stray from the beaten track and explore the roads leading inland. With only the silence and the colours of nature for company, we can discover typical gastronomic delights immersed in a timeless setting. 

Climbing the old mule tracks

Finding the right gear, we leave the coastal crowds behind and head towards the heart of the Lattari Mountains. We distance ourselves from the ever-sparkling sea and watch as the land continues to transform in front of our very eyes. In the distance, beyond the green mountain peaks, we even spy Vesuvius. 

The ancient dirt roads that led to the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula are now narrow strips of asphalt. The endless hairpin turns lead us to small farms, well worth a visit in that they have rediscovered the ancient art of winemaking. 

The coastal lemon groves are replaced by narrow vineyards above drystone walls. The salty air gives way to the slightly acidic scents of the citrus grove and the intense perfumes of wild grass. The sun never stops warming the earth, chalky and rich but hard and labour intensive. The vineyards are a challenge, constantly battling wild nature that is ready to invade them. This is why winemaking was long abandoned. But thanks to the obstinate passion of farmers old and new, these vineyards are now reborn. The result is an unforgettable display of biodiversity, a triumph of scents and flavours that explode in every glass of wine.

From the mountains to Michelin starred tables

But the Lattari Mountains are not just about vineyards. Their name tells of a place where the milk flows and sheep farming abounds. 

This secret green world is home to an ancient dairy tradition that sees the production of ricotta, smoked provola and fiordilatte mozzarella cheeses that all taste of goodness and sunlight.

It is not just the occasional visitor who has recently rediscovered the small-scale producers of these delights but also successful chefs who choose to bring them to their kitchens.

Many chefs in the area have known how to extract the Amalfi essence of tradition from these products, the coastline now counting no less than eight Michelin-starred restaurants. Proof of the land’s extraordinary richness and dynamism and another reason to explore, experience and taste these places, mile after mile and beyond the beaten track.