Capsule Collection

A collection inspired by the desert

Conceived by those who designed the bike

For the first time in Ducati's history, we have developed a Capsule Collection designed directly by the Centro Stile. By the same team that created the design of the bike.

We tell you how it was born in the words of Jeremy Faraud, designer of the DesertX.

We called it 21/18

The bike has such a strong identity that, for the first time, we decided to design a dedicated clothing line in-house that we called 21/18.

These figures refer to the size of the wheels, which characterize the off-road use of the bike. We wanted them to be represented also on the clothing, using them name the collection.

Style, function and heritage remix

We started with the technical suit, jacket, pants and helmet. The rugged style of the bike was transferred to the clothing. We went from the in 3 dimensions motorcycle, to the fabric that is two-dimensional. So we went from alternating large and small curvatures on the bike to clean cuts and soft lines on the clothing. 

You immediately notice that white dominates the collection as well as the bike.

White has an important historical value: the rally riders of the 90s wore light-colored jackets because they reflected the sun more.

What's more, at the time they didn't have the technical fabrics we have today, so in the desert it was really an important feature. 

Out of time and fashions

At first glance it is a very essential clothing, white, gray with a touch of color.
But when you get into the details you notice the richness of the details and the choice of technical materials.
Even on the clothing the style has been guided by functionality. The jacket is the perfect example.
The sleeves are detachable allowing greater freedom of movement in off-road riding.

The front pockets are large and take inspiration from the travel packs used in the enduro world. The back pocket is asymmetrical for easier opening.
Seeing the first images of Antoine wearing these garments and jumping through the dunes on the DesertX was really exciting.

With the new DesertX we think we've managed to come up with a completely new design that's out of time and out of fashion. 

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Ducati DesertX

Exploration. Fun. Performance. And a great desire to take and leave towards the horizon. The identity of this bike leaves no room for doubt: just by looking at it, it brings you into the atmosphere of dakarian competitions.

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