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Electronics at the service of safety, versatility and style

DesertX, like all Ducati models, has advanced electronics for safety and performance in all conditions.

6 Riding Modes

The versatility of the DesertX is also reflected in its Riding Modes. It has 6 modes, 2 of which are specifically dedicated to the off-road riding experience: Enduro and the brand new Rally Mode, in addition to the Sport, Touring, Urban e Wet modes.

The Flexibility of the riders assistance package

The electronic equipment is completed by a package of rider assistance systems: Traction Control, Wheelie Control, Engine Brake Control, Cornering ABS, Quickshifter Up & Down and Cruise Control, to make long distance riding even more relaxing.

Full Led Lighting equipment

The bike’s completely Full LED lighting system equipment is of the highest level. The double front headlight has two bi-function polyellipsoidal modules with Daytime Running Light (DRL) and has been designed to ensure excellent visibility, which is particularly important for a bike that can ride in all conditions. The rear headlight is equipped with the Ducati Brake Light. The system, in the event of sudden braking, automatically activates the flashing of the rear light to signal the condition of sudden slowing to following vehicles, making a further contribution to rider safety.

Display and Connectivity

The DesertX is equipped with a 5" TFT color display ready for integration with the Ducati Multimedia System (and oriented vertically to offer the best visibility even when riding standing up.

Lighting System

The front headlight, which features the unmistakable sector DRL, is full-LED, as are the rear light and the direction indicators to ensure the best visibility and the most decisive look.

There is also the Ducati Brake Light system which, in the event of sudden braking, automatically activates the flashing of the rear light in order to signal a potentially dangerous condition to the vehicles following.


The DesertX is equipped with a high-resolution 5" TFT color display oriented vertically and positioned to offer the best visibility even when riding standing up. 

This display is prepared for integration with the Ducati Multimedia System (available as accessoryI that allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and activate Turn by Turn navigation by receiving directions directly on the dashboard.

The display offers the possibility to choose between two Info Modes: Standard and Rally

STANDARD Info mode

In Standard mode, all necessary information for road riding is displayed, with RPM and speed in the foreground.

RALLY Info mode

Rally Info Mode, on the other hand, brings up the remaining range and the tripmaster function typically used on rally bikes during navigation.

6 Riding Modes

The safety and performance of the new Ducati model are also guaranteed by the electronic systems, which represent the state of the art in terms of performance and safety.

There are 6 riding modes available for the rider, each with its own specific destination of use. Beside the already known Sport, Touring and Urban are the Wet Riding Mode for use on wet asphalt and the two Riding Modes dedicated to off-road riding: Enduro and the brand new Rally.

Each riding mode can act on the character of the engine through the 4 power modes: full, high, medium and low, which change the power and responsiveness of the Testastretta.

ENDURO Riding Mode

The Enduro Riding Mode, thanks to the reduced power and the specially designed control settings, makes it possible to tackle even the most demanding off-road terrain with greater safety and facilitates riding for novice riders.

RALLY Riding Mode

Rally Riding Mode, with full engine power and reduced electronic controls, is designed for experienced riders who want to get the most out of their DesertX off-road performance.

Setting ABS

The ABS can be set to 3 different levels:

Level 3: suitable for road use, always safe and stable.
Level 2: more permissive than level 3, designed for off-road use.
Level 1: still off-road, but acting only on the front for even more intense use.

Finally, it is possible to completely exclude the ABS system only on Enduro and Rally riding modes. A detail dedicated precisely to the most experienced off-roaders.

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Ducati DesertX

Exploration. Fun. Performance. And a great desire to take and leave towards the horizon. The identity of this bike leaves no room for doubt: just by looking at it, it brings you into the atmosphere of dakarian competitions.

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