The versatile sports tool

A sport tool to tackle any terrain

The DesertX is a versatile bike, specifically developed to cope with the most demanding off-road riding, but also safe and comfortable when touring, and equally at home on everyday routes.
Lines Kayaba front fork and rear mono shock

As for the suspension, we have worked with a brand that has a great track record in the off-road world: Japanese firm Kayaba.
The 46mm diameter upside-down Kayaba front fork offers 230mm of travel and is adjustable in compression, rebound and preload.

The single shock, also fully adjustable, features solutions typical of specialist components, such as the bladder, used in place of the piston to separate the oil from the pressurised nitrogen, which helps to significantly heighten the smoothness of the suspension. Combined with the aluminium swingarm, it allows for 220 mm of rear wheel travel.
Lines 21"/18" wheel combination

DesertX is equipped with spoked wheels, 21-inch at the front and 18'-inch at the rear, as per enduro tradition. Ready to tackle any type of obstacle and asphalt with ease.
Lights Generous 250 mm ground clearance

Fundamental when off the beaten track, DesertX offers ground clearance of 250 mm, which really comes into its own during more extreme off-road riding.
Lines Wide selection of tyres

The DesertX is equipped with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tubeless tyres that combine greater reliability and safety in case of puncture with easier repair. Thanks to the different homologations obtained, a wide selection of alternative tyres is also available.

DesertX Discovery. All you need for your next adventure.

Braking system

The DesertX is equipped with Brembo brakes with Cornering ABS. The braking power setting is designed to offer the right power for road use as well as effective modulability during off-road riding and on challenging terrain.
Front system

The front system comprises Brembo M50 monobloc radial callipers with four pistons of 30 mm diameter, an axial master cylinder with adjustable levers, and a pair of 320 mm front discs with aluminium flange.
Rear system

At the rear a Brembo dual-piston floating calliper acts on a single 265 mm disc.


When it comes to off-road riding, it is not only the hardware you have at your disposal that determines performance but also, and above all, the confidence and feeling that the bike transmits, which translates into control and safety in all conditions.
DesertX Off-road chassis

The ergonomics of the seat, handlebar and footpegs are designed to make the transitions typical of off-road riding, from sitting to standing, as natural as possible.
DesertX Ergonomics to suit all uses

The shape of the tank, seat and other components ensures better control of the bike.
DesertX Advanced electronics, for maximum versatility

The versatility of DesertX is also reflected in its Riding Modes, all six of them. The Enduro and Rally modes are specifically dedicated to the off-road riding experience.
Learn more about Electronics

Riding pleasure even over long distances

Designed for off-roading, DesertX also guarantees a pleasurable riding experience on any type of asphalt.

Rider and passenger comfort

A comfortable riding position for both rider and passenger, thanks to targeted form and padding for each seat.

Aerodynamics and heat management

The management of heat, with openings and flows of fresh air studied. Aerodynamic protection with great care taken in defining the shape and size of the original and accessory windshield.

Tank range

Adequate autonomy for longer journeys thanks to the fuel tank with a capacity of over 21 liters and the possibility of mounting a second tank at the rear of the bike as an accessory, adding an additional 8 liters of gasoline.

Load capacity and tires

The excellent load capacity, almost 120 L of volume available between bags and top cases, made of aluminum. The tires are the tubeless Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR that combine excellent off-road performance with grip and confidence in all asphalt conditions.

Aluminium cases available for the Discovery version (excluding Australia, USA and Japan).

The natural colour of these aluminium cases is retained over time thanks to high-quality anodizing. An impressive total capacity of 76 litres means a rider can carry everything they need for the trip, without impacting on the bike’s handling. Ensure every adventure is unforgettable with this ultra-stylish element.

The aluminium cases are already included in the Discovery trim (excluding Australia, USA and Japan).

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