Multistrada V4 Rally

Born to travel

Comfort in every detail

Great journeys, distant countries, unknown routes. For lovers of adventure and travel Ducati has developed a motorcycle with which to experience unforgettable moments: an unstoppable adventure companion to go on the conquest of planning the conquest of unexplored places and equipped with everything you need to get there, in maximum comfort. 

Details that make the difference

Within the Multistrada range, the Multistrada V4 Rally stands out as the model best suited to taking you wherever your sense of adventure suggests. Ducati has come up with a series of details to ensure epic adventures in the saddle, all in the utmost comfort.

Heated hand grips and seat

The heated hand grips and rider/passenger seat mean that the bike can be used year-round. These elements are included as standard with the Travel & Radar and Full trims and are available as an accessory with the Radar trim.

Ergonomics designed for long-distance

Work to refine the ergonomics for both rider and passenger ensures a more comfortable ride, as does the saddle itself. The Ducati Performance catalogue includes a vast range of rider and passenger seats available as accessories, to ensure the ideal ergonomics and the utmost comfort.

Minimum Preload and Easy Lift

The rider can “lower” the bike when stationary or travelling at low speed, reducing shock preload to a minimum with the electronic Minimum Preload system. The Easy Lift function makes it easier to lift the bike off the central stand, acting on the suspension when the bike is switched on.

Electronics at the service of travel

The Multistrada V4 was the first bike to be equipped with a front and rear radar system to support the Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection functions, systems that make travel on the highway more enjoyable and less tiring. Vehicle Hold Control facilitates hill starts.

Discover Multistrada V4 Rally

An unstoppable companion of adventures, with which to plan the conquest of unexplored places, reaching them with maximum comfort. The motorcycle with which to explore the world, stopping at nothing.

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Discover more
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