The WDW Program

The World Ducati Week is a real theme park for fans of all ages! Paddock events and track sessions, breathtaking shows and animated evenings. Dozens of activities, all day and only at the World Ducati Week: you can't miss it!

Breathtaking competitions at WDW 2018

The Race of Champions

Don't miss the exciting challenge riding the Panigale V4 S that will see the Ducati champions to face each other in a "head to head" until the last corner of the Misano Circuit

Protagonists at WDW all the Ducati bikes!

The Land of Joy Scrambler® @WDW2018

Among the many activities at the World Ducati Week, don't miss the Land of Joy Scrambler® with a lot of fun initiatives!

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Find out more

Ducati Approved

Discover the Ducati Approved program at WDW! A group of experts will help you to find the right bike for you. Enter the Ducati World with the certainty of quality and a single thought: enjoy your new bike!

The WDW is community, passion, fun, entertainment!

DOC & International village Come to visit the International Village, the meeting place for all the Ducatists of the world
WDW Parade 2018 Nothing more engaging the long parade that, starting from the Misano Circuit, will reach the Rimini pier
The Lap of Honour The Ducati riders will perform in the Lap of Honour that put together the past and the present in a unique moment
Flight Simulator The Italian Air Force welcomes you at its stand to try out the flight simulator!
Heritage Village Come to the meeting point for all fans of Ducati and two wheels' history
"Mount Dismount" Challenge Join other Ducatisti for an exciting challenge to the last bolt!
"Guess what it is" game How much do you know about Ducati motor components? Test your knowledge in a challenge to the last quiz!
Treasure Hunt Test your knowledge of the Ducati World and you could win a ride on MotoX2!
Ducati University Enhance your knowledge with the Ducati University seminars at WDW

WDW by Night

The WDW is an on-track and an off-track experience

Test Ride

At WDW you can choose your favourite model from the whole Ducati range to try out in a test ride!
DRE Enduro Academy At WDW you can take part in DRE Enduro Academy, the off-road course!
DRE Safety Academy Take part in DRE Safety Academy, intended for those looking to learn safe road riding techniques
Flat Track School The perfect place to learn how to powerslide around oval circuits safely
MotoX2 The exclusive event that sees some WDW participants as passengers of some world motor legends
Taxi drive Audi Get on board the Audi Supercars to experience the thrill of a taxi drive!
Taxi drive Lamborghini Experience the thrill of turning on track alongside professional drivers in Lamborghini Supercars!