750 F1 BOT 1986

The last race bike to be designed by Fabio Taglioni.

Born as an evolution of the 600 TT2, the Ducati 750 F1 took its name from the category in which it raced and was the bike with which Ducati further strengthened its commitment to the world of racing.

One of the most spectacular creations of its time, the 750 F1 is still one of the most sought-after motorcycles in Ducati history. A minimalist machine that had nothing superfluous and where every detail and every component transmitted a sense of sleekness.

Between 1985 and 1986, the 750 F1 won numerous national and international races, also thanks to the new twin-cylinder engine, larger with respect to previous models.

Riding the 750 F1, Benjamin Grau, Chico De Juan and Juan Garriga dominated the Montjuïc 24 Hours, a Spanish endurance race; Virginio Ferrari won the F1 Italian Championship in 1985, and Marco Lucchinelli triumphed in the Battle of the Twins at the famous Daytona track.

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