Scrambler 450

The Scrambler was mainly designed for the American market. It underwent a number of changes until 1968 with the launch of true Scramblers mounting a “wide casing” engines, first in the 250 and 350 version and then, in 1969, in the 450 version.

The Scrambler series includes some models featuring Desmodromic cylinder heads and underwent a number of technical touch-ups up until 1974, when its production was discontinued.

The reasons behind its commercial popularity are manifold. First, its outstanding frame (it was even used for racing, something that had probably never happened before in the history of motorcycling) and the engine made to measure for its purpose. It was not the fastest motorcycle of its time, but the overall performance and the perfectly centred riding position made it one of the most enjoyable bikes around. Moreover, it was extremely elegant with its rounded shapes, at once classic and modern, and the bright colours contrasting with the black chassis and the chromed fuel tank.

The Scrambler was universally considered as the convergence between the American and European motorcycling schools. It was incredibly fashionable and it still is quite popular.

436 cc
Maximum power
27 hp at 6500 rpm
Maximum speed
130 km/h
Dry weight
145 kg
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