5 gifts to make a motorcyclist happy

Small style details for great performance on the road

Whether a birthday, Christmas or special occasion, a motorcyclist always dreams of receiving gifts that can give their travels an extra gear. Having said that, it’s not easy to surprise a rider: passionate, demanding and selective, they often expect nothing but the best for themselves, their bike and their trips. 

The advice for those wanting to make a rider happy is to opt for items that embody both style and refinement, for a touch of class and improved performance on two wheels. 

Here is a short list of suggestions to satisfy all tastes. Gifts are as suitable for off-road enthusiasts as they are for long-range touring riders.

1. Emotions to be written

The real fuel on any expedition are our emotions. The sensations we might have on an isolated road in Normandy at dawn, or when we arrive in a place of which we’ve long dreamed, are unique and unrepeatable. And it is often the memory of such intense emotions that pushes travellers to get back on the bike and leave for a new adventure. This is why a notebook in which to jot one’s on-the-road impressions is a gift that a rider will always appreciate. A lightweight, elegant, pocket-sized book is the perfect gift for those who love to put pen to paper and remember their feelings forever.

2. Journeys to be shared

Mile after mile, side by side, in the sun, rain and wind. For those travelling with a passenger or who love to travel as part of a group, sharing is all part of the pleasure of touring. Talking, supporting each other, choosing the next road to take together, seizing the day and following nothing but the call of adventure represent the real added value of a group trip. For these riders, there is nothing better than a latest-generation intercom. With the Ducati Communication System V2 , you will never take your hands off the handlebar and, thanks to a voice command function that is always active, you can communicate with both a passenger and your friends (up to 15 riders!), for more than 10 hours!

3. First-rate tyres

Style and performance are nothing without safety. And when we talk about travelling risk-free, one of the first things to do is check the tyres. Any traveller knows that it is important to check tyre pressure, both before departure but also during the trip. If you have come across unreliable gauges at fuel pumps on the road, you will understand why a precision pressure gauge, perhaps digital, is one of the gifts on this list. And if that’s not enough, you can also choose a highly technological accessory, like the Ducati sensors that guarantee tyre pressure control and interact directly with the bike, informing the rider of any problems and ensuring never-before-seen levels of safety.

4. Comfortable underwear

For those who are always on the road, taking on long-range trips in both summer and winter, there are many possible gift solutions. Technical clothing is essential when touring during these seasons., but it is likely that these riders already own the relevant jackets, trousers and suits. Our advice then is to surprise them with a small gift capable of offering great comfort, namely technical underwear. Often underrated, underwear that can provide optimum insulation can be the key to keeping warm in winter and cool in the height of summer.

5. Infinite time

Every mile covered is a little less time that separates you from your destination. Every trip differs from the previous one. Every stage is enjoyed in the present but remains in the mind forever. Every adventure, then, is shaped by the passing of time. If the gift is particularly important and you know that the person receiving it deserves something special, our advice is Road Master, the top-of-line Ducati quartz watch. This analogue chronograph with steel case is a pure blend of style and character, a resistant and hard-wearing item that becomes a faithful travel companion.

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