Andrea Rossi: tips for traveling by motorcycle

5 travel tips from rider Andrea Rossi.

A professional riding instructor and test rider with a real spirit for traveling. Born in Tuscany in 1987, Andrea Rossi is an energetic enduro rider with a passion for adventure. He has travelled the world on two wheels, alone and in company, taking on all terrain and the most extreme weather conditions. And so, who better than him to offer advice on how to prepare for a trip, how to approach departure, and how best to plan an on-the-road experience

“If you travel by bike, it’s because you’re seeking emotion. And true emotions come from the unexpected, from surprise.” This is how our chat with Andrea begins, as he introduces us to his two-wheeled world. In his eyes, any trip should involve a good dose of adventure. “Because it is often the places that choose us, with their vibrations and their signals. Knowing that you can change the destinations on a route is the best feeling you can have.” 

Leaving room for the unexpected does not mean leaving things to chance though. On the contrary, Andrea believes that the organisation of certain technical aspects is fundamental in order to be able to really enjoy the pleasure of discovery. Here then are his 5 tips on what to do before switching on the engine and setting off.

1. Check that your vehicle is in tip-top condition. Forks, suspension and tyres should all be working perfectly. If you’re planning an exotic trip or one with off-road sections, check whether it is possible to find new tyres in the places you will visit, because in these cases tyre consumption can be significant!

2. Prepare all the necessary documents ahead of time. Your ID card or passport, as well as visas and permits, and any international licence that is required, depending on the destination. As well as bike registration and insurance papers of course. 

3. Nowadays, an internet connection is also essential when travelling. So be aware of the rates your phone company offers to ensure you can stay connected. If there is a risk of heading somewhere with no network, take satellite devices with you, with maps that can also be used offline. To be safe, the advice is to always carry a good old paper map: the only certainty in case of problems with electronic devices.   

4. “Bad weather doesn’t exist, only bad clothing” as bikers say. Look into the country or countries you will cross, find out how the weather is likely to be during your trip and take suitable clothing. Make sure you have layers, to cover all temperatures. And remember, don’t underestimate the heat. The cold, rain and snow can make for a tough journey, but high temperatures should also be tackled with the right gear.

5. If travelling to popular tourist destinations in high season, you might choose to book hotels in advance. You lose a little freedom on route, but you also avoid any nasty surprises. If you have a more fearless spirit, the advice is to not put the brakes on your freedom: take a tent, raise the adventure bar to the max, and let your instincts guide you to the best camp site!

Having dealt with these small yet necessary details, all that remains is to have fun. Because, as Andrea says before leaving us, “The unpredictable is what really makes a trip so unique”.