From Cuneo to France: on the highest road in Europe

A two-wheeled journey that begins in Cuneo and takes in Col de la Bonette and Col d’Allos, along Europe’s highest vehicle accessible road.

Enchanted mountains with craggy peaks that scratch a clear sky, and green pastures that open out above valleys and rivers. The scenery of the French Alps stands out for its vivid colours and the intensity of its sensations and crossing the area by bike is an experience that leaves its mark. The roads, which bend to create some fantastic turns, immersed in delicate nature, are to be ridden with intensity, every mile to be enjoyed. For those wishing to experience the beauty of these places on two wheels, here is an itinerary, perfect for the new Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour, which begins in Cuneo and takes in both Col de la Bonette and Col d’Allos.

A small Piedmont gem

That composed elegance that certain Piedmont cities evoke with their Savoy and Risorgimento charm. But also the beauty of genuine, rugged nature, with imposing mountains and pastures that extend as far as you can see. Cuneo is a real gem to be discovered, a place where nature and history embrace in rare harmony. It is wonderful to see the lively local markets on the streets of a town where art, history and folklore flourish in a most authentic fashion.

A place to be not just admired, but tasted, as Cuneo offers an interesting variety of gastronomic delights. The local dry cured prosciutto, with its characteristic sweet and delicate flavour, is a treat not to be missed, as are the rum cuneesi, extravagant chocolates that are a real delicacy to be appreciated. Having sated the palate with the goodness of local dishes, and having taken in the beauty of the scenery, it’s time to get back in the saddle. Destination: Col de la Bonette, along Europe’s highest vehicle accessible road.

Towards the highest point

The first town we come across after Cuneo is Borgo San Dalmazzo, a characteristic place in which the streets give off the intense aroma of truffle. The next towns are Demonte, surrounded by spectacular lavender fields, and Aisone. A little further on and we reach Vinadio. It’s best to fill up the tank here, as we’re headed for nothing but idyllic, unspoiled scenery. From Vinadio, some initial turns that lead to Colle della Lombarda and then on, through the valleys and mountains, to Col de la Bonette, for a panorama that takes your breath away, and the joy of having reached your destination.

The stillness of nature

The final stage on our route is Col d’Allos, a mountain pass that climbs to 2247 metres above sea level. Like Col de la Bonette, Col d’Allos is closed during winter, so can only be admired during warmer months. Crossing it by bike is a real delight. The strip of asphalt that runs around the side of the mountain takes in rocky peaks and green pastures that fill our heads and hearts with a sense of peace and calm. Turn after turn, we are struck by the brilliance of the bucolic, tranquil nature that surrounds us. Having crossed the valley, we reach the pretty village of Allos, the perfect place to take a break and think about the adventure we’ve had, enjoying Italy and France, history and magic, charm and beauty.

Beyond Boundaries

It’s time to delve into the wild side of Croatia and conquer the muddy, dusty roads: a land in which the Multistrada 1260 Enduro is free to express itself.