Just two more days until the 2018 edition of WDW and here in Borgo Panigale the adrenaline is pumping. 

How about you? Are you getting ready? Are you already on the road? Let us know how things are going on social media with the hashtag #worldducatiweek

If this is your first WDW, or even if you're a veteran, here's a list of tips and suggestions to better enjoy the event. 

  1. If you haven't already done so, pick up your pass at the circuit's ticket counter, which will be open starting Thursday.

Opening Hours:

Thursday 19 July 2018 -> 09.00-20.00
Friday 20 luglio 2018 -> 07.00-20.00
Saturday 21 luglio 2018 -> 08.00-20.00
Domenica 22 luglio 2018 -> 08.00-15.00 

  1. To facilitate your entry, fasten the tag to your bike and wear the bracelet and pass before entering. 
  2. If you have a motorcycle pass, you can enter directly into the paddock. Cars on the other hand must be parked outside in the car parks provided. 
  3. Download the WDW2018 app now. It will be your main source of information for all the scheduled events, and with alerts we will update you with important communications - and we will also make you some nice surprises!
  4. If you have booked rides on the track or experiences, remember to read the rules carefully and make sure you meet the necessary requirements. Show up ahead of time to the places you need to be. 
  5. We also suggest that you get to the most important events ahead of time (track, parade, etc.). 
  6. In the paddock it can get very hot. We suggest you equip yourself with a hat and sunscreen, as well as lightweight clothing to alternate with your riding gear. 
  7. If you need information or assistance during the event, search for info points or ask the info staff, who you'll find around the paddock.
  8. The WDW pass is required to access evening events and car parks reserved for motorcycles. Keep it always with you!
  9. Access to motorcycle parking for evening events is controlled, but the bikes themselves are not guarded. For reasons of public safety, it is not possible to access evening events with helmets. Therefore we suggest that you think of alternative ways to store your helmet or lock your helmet to your bike.
  10. This year again we want to do our best to limit our impact on the environment. You can do your part by minimising your use of plastic and not wasting water.
    At the Ducati Shop, Ducati Outlet and Welcome Kit you will find the WDW2018 water bottle. Buy one and refill it at the Water Kiosks and at the refreshment points marked on the map.

We're ready to go, how about you?

See you in Misano!