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Face to face with Najla Aqdeir, middle-distance athlete, two-wheeler enthusiast and recent proud Monsterista.

Najla Aqdeir has always known how to overcome obstacles with her passions. Sport, competition and now the Monster too, which she got before she could even ride it. Because Najla is an explosion of energy that is impossible to contain. After all, as she herself likes to say, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, but creating yourself”.

You were born and raised with a passion for running. When did you discover your passion for two wheels?

Two years ago, when some colleagues introduced me to the world of bike meets. Seeing all those riders who continued to dart by, I immediately thought how I’d like to be one of them one day.

A lightning bolt

What do you like most about the Monster?

I really like the front end. It’s different from that of previous models and I think it’s very modern and appealing. But the aspect of the bike I’m craziest about is the red colour.

What sensations does it transmit?

Climbing aboard and imagining myself in control of this rocket has me feeling on top of the world, like a real queen!

Your life is so busy, how do you find the time to ride?

Yes, it’s true, there’s never a spare moment, but rest assured that I can always find time to ride! Also because I have to get to Milan for races, training and volunteering, right?

“I was always admiring the bikes of others until I eventually told myself, ‘OK, now I want one of my own’”.

How does it feel to have become a Ducatista?

When the bike arrived, I immediately realised that I was now part of something big, something historic. And I’m aware of this every time I read the Ducati lettering on the tank. It’s really an amazing feeling, and I can’t wait to take part in my first bike meet!


Just Fun!

Monster represents all the essence of Ducati in the most compact, essential and light form possible. You can tell right from the name: Monster, nothing else.
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