Surf shack: the new wave of
surfing style

After cinema, fashion and music, the surf lifestyle is increasingly a source of inspiration for architecture as well.

Fun ‘n’ freedom

It little matters whether you’ve tried it or not. The word alone, surfing, is enough to evoke an extreme sense of freedom and fun. Transporting the mind to a world where it’s always summer, where the days begin with waves at dawn and draw to end with a bonfire on the beach. This, because as well as a sport - not to mention an art, if we consider the incredible moves of its most accomplished performers - surfing is also, and above all, a lifestyle.

This was already true two hundred years ago, when the Polynesian people surfed as a way of coming into contact with mother nature. The boards, beaches and people practicing it may have changed, but the essence of surfing is just as it was two centuries ago. A deep connection with the ocean. A profound respect for nature and its seasons. Characteristics that have made it a true cultural phenomenon, inspiring film, fashion, music and now architecture.

Lighthearted Living

A surfer’s life on dry land revolves around the famous Surf Shacks, or cabins in which they spend time when they’re not riding the waves. Traditionally constructed in wood and often hand-built by the users themselves, the Surf Shack is a refuge in which to rest, store surfboards and equipment, and perhaps enjoy a cold beer with fellow surfers.

Usually located on the beach with a direct view of the ocean, Surf Shacks are symbolic of those who have opted for a lifestyle centred exclusively around the sea and a respect for nature. And this is why an increasing number of people are inspired by the Surf Shack as they design or furnish their own homes and adopt the surfer lifestyle, albeit far from the beach.

Just like surfing, to which it owes its existence, the Surf Shack has now transformed into a style. A distinct architectonic style, which stands out for the simplicity of its spaces and the intimate connection that these have with their geographical surroundings.

In this sense, you don’t need the sea to live in a Surf Shack. It might be an out-of-town lodge or a cabin on the edge of a park… But essentially, anywhere you settle with the intention of adapting your days to the rhythms of nature becomes a place in which you can live according to the principles of the surfer lifestyle. 

And just as in a real Surf Shack, the simplicity of spaces allows the personality of the inhabitants to shine through. Record collections, books, photos and works of art – a Surf Shack blends simplicity with creativity, the uniqueness of the place becoming as one with those who live there.

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