A journey from the Dolomiti Lucane mountains to Maratea.

From the Lucanian Dolomites to Maratea by motorcycle

Journeys change people; on the road, emotions are heightened, sensations amplified, and the senses are awakened, leaving a deep impression on those who have experienced them. If that's your kind of trip, then Basilicata should be your next destination. 

Long, winding roads lead to breathtaking views, sculpted by nature. Prepare to be dazzled by the imposing Dolomiti Lucane mountain range: stone giants that loom over vegetation and tiny villages squeezed between the rocks. 

The bends of the long, evocative coastal roads seem designed with adrenaline-seekers in mind, like the road from Sapri to Marateo on one of the most exciting coastal stretches in Southern Italy: hairpin turns follow on from short straight stretches and bends, while panoramic viewpoints are the perfect points at which to stop and take it all in.

The road from the Dolomiti Lucane to Maratea is an unforgettable journey between the asphalt and the sea, perfect for true travellers at heart who like to have fun when they drive. Here, the Multistrada 950 really comes into its own, with maximum security, full control and pure agility.

And in these extraordinarily evocative landscapes, it's not just the bike that will get your heart pumping. Joy, excitement, exhilaration, satisfaction: a whole range of emotions await you, with the exception of just one – boredom. 


Volo dell’Angelo

Steep steps, narrow streets and houses clinging to the rocks. Viewed from a distance, Castelmezzano makes you feel like you're entering a fairy tale. It's not by chance that they call it “landscape town” (“città paesaggio” in Italian). This is where "Volo dell'Angelo" (Angel's Flight) begins, a unique, intense experience allowing you to fly over the enchanting Dolomiti Lucane mountains. Dangling by a secure harness from a steel cable that connects the town to nearby Pietrapertosa, you plunge into a 130-metres high empty space, travelling for over 1400 metres at speeds of up to 120 km/h.

Experience a pure adrenaline rush and discover the stunning natural landscapes at the heart of Basilicata.


An unmissable stopover for bikers who love water and the road in equal measures is the Pollino National Park. Immersed in greenery, travel down narrow underground gorges on a wild rafting adventure. The extraordinary Lao Gorges, with crystalline waterfalls and rapids, offer rides for the uninitiated, while thrill seekers will enjoy the 14-18 km excursion.


Vivid colours, genuine flavours and intense aromas tell of a food and wine tradition based on age-old techniques and slow cooking. Here, the most simple of ingredients give unique sensory explosions.

It's impossible to resist the charm of the "peperone crusco", a special variety of sweet pepper that is dried and then fried. In recent years it has become popular with chefs and become more widely known outside the region. In spring and summer, villages are inundated with an intense red: necklaces of peppers, as long as 1.5 metres and meticulously hand-made, ready to be dried by the sun and wind of this incredible land. 

An extraordinary coast to coast

Winding roads overlooking the sea, small villages and dirt paths through the olive trees, where the Multistrada 950 demonstrates its full versatility. The journey to the heart of Southern Italy is about to begin.

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