Travel in the era of social media

From maps to apps.

Apps and social networks have become a part of life for (nearly) everyone, transforming our way of being. And in the past 10 years, the world of travel has also been overhauled by technology. Thanks to the mobility revolution, we now have a wealth of opportunities to get the best out of our two-wheeled journeys! 

The first smartphone was released in 2007, changing our daily lives forever.

Younger travellers may not understand how much has changed in such a short amount of time. Planning motorbike journeys without the aid of technology meant gathering vast amounts of information before setting off, carrying maps, tourist guides, diaries and notes, leaving as little as possible to chance in order to avoid any unexpected events and wasting time. 

Today, everything has changed: you simply need to download the right app and you can set off on your journey with peace of mind.

Sleep with a click

Older travellers know what it meant to choose a place to stay at the last minute: you had to find the tourist information office and start calling around, or go door to door in search of accommodation. 

Today, there are a number of free apps allowing you to book a room online, even a mere few hours before you arrive. The sharing economy has put travellers in direct contact with owners of apartments and houses, who are often happy to share their experiences and information. 

Dining made easy

This also applies to finding somewhere to eat. While it's true that we can still wander the city and stumble across the perfect place to eat, these days we can avoid long waits and getting ripped off thanks to apps that can give us all the information we need on quality, price and how busy restaurants are in our chosen area. 

A global community of travellers

The thing that offers the greatest opportunities and excitement, however, remains the road. 

When innovation is combined with biking, safety and enjoyment can only increase. And thanks to the sophistication of today's technology, there are extraordinary opportunities to remain connected at all times. 

Sharing itineraries, roads and experiences is simply an evolution of the traditional solidarity between bikers. Satellite and geolocation systems are the new frontier allowing us to share our experiences even with strangers. 

The Ducati Link app, for example, connects your smartphone to your bike via Bluetooth, allowing you to control driving parameters, keep track of itineraries, analyse travel statistics, register speed, acceleration and bends, and be alerted with maintenance is required. The app also allows you to record and publish your journeys, together with photos, comments and notes, to inspire other community members. 

Now anyone can head straight for the road, with breathtaking views, unexplored terrain and incredible off-road experiences. Passions and excitement are heightened and fun is guaranteed.