Traveling on the streets of New York on the Diavel 1260

A question of style.

If there is one city that symbolises all cities, it is New York. Charming and straightforward, dynamic and timeless, romantic and rebellious. Its magic lies in its ability to represent different images and bewitch anyone at first glance. 

Known to many as the Big Apple, it is also referred to as the city that never sleeps, Gotham, Metropolis and even New Amsterdam, in honour of its first official name, which dates back to the 17th century. The nicknames, however, only go so far in being able to portray its various spirits. Variety is everywhere in this inescapable melting pot, difference its greatest asset.

One common element runs through this seductive and engaging chaos, and that is style. And when we talk of the world’s most famous city, by ‘style’ we do not just mean a fashion or trend, but rather the essence of personality.

Whether on the wide avenues of Manhattan or enjoying the buzz of more suburban districts, you will come across people who are not scared to show who they are. A blend of types, tastes, forms, expressions, fashions, clothes and accessories.

Within this lively urban landscape, and contrary to what is true in many other cities, even the decision to travel by bike becomes a style choice.

In New York, traffic is intense, parking difficult and the road surface often uneven. Those who choose to travel by bike here do so to satisfy an overwhelming passion and stand out from the crowd. 

If you too are here, and want to see New York from a different perspective, then we suggest you do it in style. 

Exaggerate. Choose a bike with which to stand out among the yellow taxis, buses and limousines. 

We did just that with a Diavel 1260 that, complete with side panniers, guided us on an extraordinary journey across the city.

Among the various experiences to be enjoyed by bike, we suggest a tour of the bridges that connect Manhattan to the rest of the city, specifically Brooklyn, Manhattan and Willamsburg. 

Like something out of a film

The Brooklyn bridge was the first steel bridge ever constructed and was, for a long time, one of the world’s highest suspension bridges. Today it is one of the city’s most famous symbols, a true icon. 

Crossing it with the Diavel 1260 is a unique sensation that will have you feeling like the star of one of the many films that have been a part of your life.

Pure energy

The Manhattan Bridge - Dumbo to New Yorkers – is the bridge that leads to Brooklyn. Various forms of transport travel in both directions across this masterpiece of engineering, which comprises several levels. The rumble of the metro, the speed of the cars and the passing of pedestrians, bicycles and scooters make for a bridge that is a concentration of movement. Riding out of Manhattan, you experience the buzz of the city’s most outlying districts and the electrifying vitality that enlivens them.

Another point of view

The bridges of New York are a constant presence in the city, even when you are not crossing them. As magnificent as they are, they reflect in the city’s skyscrapers and the water of the East River. When touring the streets, you will often lift your gaze to find yourself looking at the steel wires that stand out in the sky.

For a truly extraordinary experience, take a break from the frenzy of the city, switch off the bike, head into one of the many parks created at the foot of these giants, and enjoy their extraordinary and powerful beauty.