Motorcycle tours in Haute Provence, through the Verdon Gorges

Discovering the Verdon Gorge, the majestic canyon in the Haute Provence region. Breath-taking turns, unspoiled nature and unforgettable scenery.

An explosion of colour. The emerald green of trees that dot the horizon. The red of poppy fields that brighten the landscape. The purple shades of immense expanses of lavender. Provence is all this, a unique sight that fills the eyes with wonder.

For those who love to explore on two wheels, Haute Provence offers outstanding roads and perfect turns, immersed in nature that can be both coarse and delicate. Among the many possible routes is one that takes us to the Verdon Gorge. One of the Provence region’s real jewels, the Verdon Gorge forms a breathtakingly beautiful canyon. These gorges, which combine the harshness of rock with lush vegetation, are crossed by the river from which they take their name, a winding snake that over the course of the centuries has carved a path through fossil remains, limestone and coral. The result is an enchanting and uniquely charming place.

An ideal itinerary to enjoy aboard the Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour, in discovery of the most spectacular views of these locations.

A gem nestled in the mountains

The journey begins in Castellane, a beautiful French town located on the banks of the river Verdon. We get there from Nice, taking the N85, or Route Napoleon, so-called because it was travelled by Napoleon himself in 1815, on his return from Elba. The mountains protect and shield this little world, seemingly lost in time. It is one to be explored at a leisurely pace, as we delve into the muddle of ancient and narrow streets that lead to Place Marcel Sauvaire, the beating heart of the town. Dominating the scene is the Chapelle Notre Dame du Roc, located at the end of a track that climbs the side of a mountain. Other wonders that make Castellane such a special place include the clock gate and pentagonal tower. It is possible to walk along its walls, admiring the houses and rooftops of Castellane, taking in the entire town with just one gaze.

Now it’s time to fill up and get back in the saddle. The right bank of the Verdon is waiting to be discovered. 

Suspended in wonder

The road to be travelled is the D952, a very well-kept strip of asphalt that offers some beautiful turns and expansive viewpoints from which to admire the Verdon Gorge in all its wild beauty. The route runs through some wonderful villages and beautiful nature, to drink in with the eyes and feel with the heart.

This enchanting route culminates with a break-taking view of the Lake of Sainte Croix, which can be admired from the top of the right bank. An intense turquoise mirror that shines like a rare jewel when hit by the sun’s rays. 

The end of the journey

From the Lake of Sainte Croix, we continue along the road that takes in all the wonderful nature Provence has to offer. Having passed some more typical villages such as Moustiers Sainte Marie, we start to travel the left bank, along the Corniche Sublime. From here, it is possible to enjoy an additional thirty kilometre stretch that also takes in the Pont de l’Artuby, an impressive bridge much loved by bungee-jumping enthusiasts.

The tour concludes at Balcon de la Mescla, perhaps the best viewpoint of the entire journey, from which you can once again admire the wonder of nature and the canyon in all its splendour.