Three documentaries to inspire your next motorcycle trip

These three documentaries will provide you with ideas for your next trip.

It is always difficult to shake off the sensations of your latest bike trip. The wind on your face, the feel of the asphalt, the colours of nature that draw the eye: photograms of an adventure that you cannot wait to experience again. And if this cannot be done physically, then you can at least use your imagination, seeking the motivation and inspiration to plan your next two-wheeled adventure.

For the rider who wants to feel emotion while waiting to get back in the saddle, we have selected three documentaries – one short film and two series – that all feature the same protagonist: planet Earth and its beauty, in all its forms. An entire world to be seen and infinite adventures of which to dream, and then experience.

Wild Italy (Italy, 2019, available on Rai Play)

More than thirty episodes divided into five seasons that tell of Italy at its most wild, abandoned and forgotten by man, where nature is resuming its cycle and the animals live according to the ways and rhythms dictated by their instincts. An Italy that is transforming, that is returning to the past and evolving to take on new forms, narrated by Francesco Petretti, a member of the WWF Scientific Committee. 

Many places, all of them wonderful, are featured during this extended trip through the country. Among the standouts on a rider’s wish list are the Parco Naturale Sirente-Velino, in Abruzzo, a place that is home to an extraordinary array of environments, from mountains to hills to rivers, and an infinite variety of plants and animals, and the Parco Archeologico di Vulci, in the Lazio Maremma, a triumph of nature and history. Crossing these evocative landscapes on two wheels offers a unique way to get up close and personal with the staggering natural beauty of Italy, in all its authenticity.  

Wild West Coast (Italy, 2018, available on Amazon Prime Video)

A thirty-minute documentary depicting infinite tones of wonder. This short film by Brace Beltempo is the result of a ten-day trip across America, from south to north, up the entire West Coast. A taste of the real “wild west”, the stuff of legends that has caused so many adventurous hearts to beat.

Every frame has the viewer wanting to dive into this legendary world… The boundless scenery of Arizona, the sun-drenched expanse of California and the red earth of Utah are any rider’s greatest wish, though views of cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles will also spark the imagination. This is a tale of the great American dream, to be experienced first-hand.

Our Planet (UK, 2019, available on Netflix)

It is difficult to remain indifferent when faced with the splendour of this documentary. Eight episodes, each roughly 50 minutes in length, which tell of our planet and the creatures that populate it. “Frozen worlds”, “Jungles”, “Coastal seas”, “From deserts to grasslands”, “The high seas”, “Fresh water” and “Forests”: every episode focuses on a specific natural habitat, bar the first that serves as a general introduction. The extremely high-quality filming takes your breath away, the colours so vivid as to look like a painting. 

This mini masterpiece is an endless source of inspiration. Among the many destinations featured in the documentary and that can be visited on two wheels is the wonderful Rub Al Khali desert, in Oman, a succession of imposing dunes that make for a craggy, lunar profile. Those who prefer the appeal of nature in bloom might choose a destination like Hungary, its immense asphalt roads weaving through lush fields of flowers in the boldest of shades. A palette of colours that reminds us of the splendour of nature and the importance of protecting the planet on which we live.

Experiences enjoyed in the saddle are unique. And, in watching these documentaries, it is easy to feel the same thrill that you feel on the road, surrounded by the dynamic beauty of nature. 

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