Motorcycle travel in India: a dream itinerary

A trip through Spiti Valley with the Multistrada family.

A cold desert where time appears to have come to a standstill. A surprising lunar landscape at an altitude of 3500 metres. A plateau in the Himalayan mountains, dotted with monasteries and scarcely populated villages. Spiti Valley, situated in northeast India, was the final destination on the Ducati Dream Tour, a place that is hard to reach but that offers an enchanting atmosphere, a destination for adventurous spirits and passionate travellers.

For many riders, a trip through Spiti Valley is on the bucket list of extraordinary once-in- a-lifetime experiences. And this valley in northern India rarely fails to live up to visitors’ expectations. This was also true for the protagonists of the Dream Tour who, mile after mile, across potholed roads, fords and dirt tracks, saw their route transformed into an unforgettable experience, the kind that stays with you and remains a life-long memory. 

The Dream Tour

Promoted by Eagle Rider India in collaboration with Shell, GoPro and Pirelli, the latest Ducati Riding Experience saw passionate riders from all over the world take to the heart of the Himalayas, for a 7-day/6-night trip.

Riding various bikes from the Multistrada family, 16 ducatisti covered more than 800 kilometres, starting from Shimla, the ancient capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh and passing through the village of Sangla and the Buddhist monastery of Tabo to reach Kaza, the main town of Spiti Valley, before returning to the point of departure with stops at Nako Lake and the village of Theog

A challenging yet emotional journey across rugged mountains and challenging terrain, in discovery of a rich cultural tradition and enchanting valleys, riding one of the most difficult and spectacular roads in India.

Fasten your helmet and prepare to discover the hidden gems of this particular dream tour.

Enchantment at the gateway to paradise

Spiti means “the middle land” and this valley is truly a borderland, a strip of earth that links India to ancient Tibet. An area that preserves a uniquely appealing culture, its traditions unchanged over the course of the centuries. 

Here, Buddhist mysticism is found in the homes, villages, gestures and rituals of the inhabitants. In these places, the last outposts of civilisation before the rugged Himalayan peaks, there is a sense of deep tranquillity. Once the engine of the Multistrada is switched off, a profound silence falls over the landscape and the intense blue of the sky gives the impression of being closer than ever to the edge of the world. 

The spectacle of colour

The most remote region of India also stands out to visitors for its exceptionally varied scenery and nature. Spiti Valley appears largely barren and rugged, a mountainous area in which vegetation struggles to grow due to freezing winter temperatures. But with its water courses, mirror-like lakes and mild summer temperatures, the panorama soon changes and amazes, revealing areas of rich vegetation that boast intense, vivid colours. Emerald green pastures and crystal springs, framed by snow-white peaks, dazzle the eyes of travellers who cross them. And that’s not all. The clear air at an altitude of more than 3000 metres ensures the sky is the true star of this picturesque setting, with its beautiful dawns, multi-coloured sunsets and starry nights, and where the clouds hug the earth.  

Off-road adrenaline

Part of the appeal of a Spiti Valley trip lies in the difficulties riders face to reach these remote places. Despite its name, the National Highway that crosses the valley is little more than a mule track, short asphalt sections alternating with long stretches of dirt and potholes. Harsh, arduous terrain that requires significant riding control and skill. The Dream Tour itinerary was selected by a team of professionals, a route that would guarantee participants maximum safety and the right dose of adrenaline.

A sense of sharing

A Dream Tour done properly does not end on the bike. Camping out and cooking together with your travel companions, drinking tea with the locals and spending evenings around a fire are small details that make the India travel experience so great, beyond the riding itself. Because Ducati experiences are this too: places for adventure, time for friendship

Adventure Tour

The world like you’ve never known it! To enhance the trip offer, Ducati has introduced an important new addition:
The Adventure Tour

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