The Dreams Road journey continues.

South of Thailand by motorcycle

The craving for adventure never stops when Emerson Gattafoni and Valeria Cagnoni are in the saddle. Having travelled 1500 kilometres from Northern Thailand, the Dreams Road stars are ready to take their Multistrada Enduro into the deep South of the country in search of wild coastlands, lush countryside and hidden cities.

The South of Thailand is a destination known and frequented by tourists from all over the world. Emerson and Valeria have decided to explore this land's yet untouched corners of paradise where the pace of life is slow, customs have remained the same for years and nature reigns supreme. 

The long descent

The journey south begins in Sukhothai, the ancient city that is the birthplace of Thai civilisation and now a UNESCO world heritage site. 

Reaching the southern part of the country requires a long drive and crossing Bangkok. The capital is a tangle of junctions, streets, traffic and smog: a chaotic place that our travellers are happy to leave behind them.

Driving for over 600 kilometres, they reach the coast, then continue down to the narrowest point of the entire peninsula on Highway 4. It's a spectacular road, winding perfectly between dense vegetation, limestone peaks, national parks and splashes of colour from the temples dotted throughout the landscape.

The wild island

Via highway 4, they arrive in Ranong, the largest province in the South. The city is the perfect starting point for exploring various archipelagos. Our travellers opt to head for the tropical paradise of Ko Phayam island, one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand with its beaches, crystalline sea, coral reef and jungle, but one that has remained untouched by the development of tourism. 

If a corner of paradise still exists where time has stood still, then surely it is this one. Ko Phayam remained closed until the Nineteen Seventies; there are no roads and no large hospitality facilities, only sustainable tourism, often hippie-style. People live without electricity and in total respect for nature. 

Untouched nature

Returning to the mainland, our heroes continue their journey through wild Thailand for over 200 kilometres to the Khao Sok nature reserve, one of the most important sites of environmental interest in the country. It has an enormous evergreen rainforest, limestone mountains, and a magnificent lake that can be crossed only by long-tale boat, the typical craft of South-East Asia. This is an extremely fragile ecosystem where all activities are banned, a place to respect and admire in all its mystical atmosphere.

The city

From Khao Sok the journey continues towards Pukhet, the largest and most popular tourist destination in the area. Its airport welcomes over 10 million tourists a year and offers something for everyone. Dreams Road continues in its quest to find hidden gems and chooses to visit the old town: a weave of streets with typical Sino-Portuguese architecture, where colour dominates the façades of large historical palaces as well as the modern murals decorating the city.

After travelling 3300 kilometres on two wheels, the journey comes to an end. Emerson and Valeria have met many wonderful people as they travelled along incredible roads immersed in exuberant nature. 

Now, they continue to travel the roads of the world, ready for new adventures, but a piece of their hearts will forever remain in Southern Thailand. 

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