How to prepare motorcycle bags for a trip with your partner

Organisation is the key word when taking a two-wheel holiday. And so, here are a few tips on how to prepare your bags for a trip for two so you don’t forget what is essential, and so you let your lust for adventure run wild.

Preparing your bags is an important step for riders, and it also tries your patience in your life as a couple. There isn’t much room for your bags as compared to what is available for any other trip, and the needs of the rider and his passenger have to meet to create a perfect equilibrium. 

Thanks to technical materials and innovative designs, modern equipment offers a good level of comfort even on long trips and makes you forget the stereotype of the travelling rider who has only a rumpled T-shirt at his disposal. The bags, rigid or soft as they may be, do not penalise the dynamic and aesthetic qualities of the bike, whereas the internal bags, finished down to the finest details, keep the content secure and always clean.

Today, with a few stratagems, it is possible to take off in search of new destinations with something more than what is strictly necessary. 

Safety and sophistication

It is a good rule of thumb to take advantage of all the possibilities that the bike has to offer when braving many kilometres as a couple. For example, the Multistrada 1260 offers you the possibility of carrying a 5-litre tank pocket bag, two 26- and 30-litre rigid side bags and a 48-litre top case. 


Safety comes first and foremost when riding: boots, jacket and back protector, together with a helmet fitted with visor, gloves and the must-have neck warmer are basic safety elements, and it is a good idea not to forget them inside the bags. 

Then for all the rest that you need for a trip lasting from a week to 10 days very little is on the list: 3 pairs of trousers, 4 T-shirts, a sweatshirt, a change of underwear, socks and 2 undershirts in breathable technical fabric per person that can be washed during the trip. For your feet, take flip-flops for your leisure time and a pair of spare shoes for each one.

What we recommend for those women who don't want to forgo their femininity even in adventurous conditions is to take a dress, sandals, and tops and trousers that can be easily mixed and matched in order to change look by alternating their clothing. 

Vanity case and tech accessories

The best toiletry kit is the one that contains the bare essentials: toothbrush, deodorant, basic medicines and a few, though essential, make-up items. As for all the rest, it is a good idea to rely on the supplies of shampoos and body wash that the hotels offer.

A microfibre towel takes up little space and can always be useful.

Then remember that you have to also pack your electronic gear (phone, camera, tablet, e-reader), including their recharge cables.

Lastly, one element that takes up a little more space but that is unavoidable: the rain kit for both of you. Waterproof jacket and trousers that will protect you if the weather conditions become adverse. 

Everything in its place

Now for the most difficult moment: deciding where to place each one of these elements.

Let’s start with the tank bag. Here you pack what we think is really necessary during the trip: smartphone, wallet and documents, together with your camera, liner gloves, sunglasses and neck warmer. Remember that the tank bag will be the only bag you will remove and carry with you to prevent theft when you make short stops.

The top case can contain the rain kit together with a few bike maintenance tools, shoes and a soothing insect sting stick. 

The side bags contain all the rest, and you have to pay attention to just one thing: checking that they weigh the same even if they are different in size in order to prevent a loss of balance.

Now it’s up to you. 

After all, this is also part of the biker’s spirit: starting the trip even before leaving. 

A trip for two on the Multistrada 1260

The Multistrada 1260 accessories transform long trips into an experience of superior comfort, even with a passenger on board.

Choose your outfitting!
Choose your outfitting!