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DesertX Discovery

Dream Wilder. Discover.

Exploration. Fun. Performance. And a real craving to set off and head for the horizon. The identity of this bike leaves no doubt - just one look will have you dreaming of adventure. And with the DesertX Discovery trim, you are even freer to explore the unexplored, no holds barred.

DesertX Discovery

The DesertX Discovery trim includes a dedicated Thrilling Black and Ducati Red livery created with adhesive graphics to protect surfaces from scratches and a comprehensive package of standard accessories to make it even better suited to exploration.

Revel in the taste of freedom

Venture far and wide with DesertX Discovery, for peace of mind on any terrain.

New features of the Discovery version

Designed and accessorised to offer unprecedented versatility, DesertX Discovery is the ideal choice for those seeking touring agility and off-road character.

Touring windscreen

DesertX Discovery comes with a touring windscreen that reduces rider fatigue by offering aerodynamic protection from the wind and any debris, for a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.


Turn-by-Turn navigation

DesertX Discovery is equipped with Turn-by-Turn navigation, for precise and detailed directions to your every destination. The licence is valid for 5 years.



The front bullbar ensures sturdy protection for the tank and water pump, essential for safeguarding the bike in case of any accidental fall or impact during use on uneven surfaces.


Protective radiator grille

The DesertX Discovery is equipped with a robust radiator grille, ideal for protecting the bike from debris during off-road adventuring. It guarantees protection without compromising the bike’s cooling or design.


Engine guard plate

An exclusive accessory that highlights the adventurous DesertX Discovery spirit. The engine guard plate is reinforced with a sub-frame that directs impacts onto the strongest part of the frame, for effective protection without compromising resistance.


Central stand

The DesertX Discovery is equipped with a central stand so the bike can always be parked safety. This accessory facilitates any rapid repairs, offering easy access to the bike’s components.


Aluminium cases

Even the aluminium cases and sub-frames mounted on DesertX Discovery are designed for off-road use. With a refined design, this robust accessory perfectly combines functionality and style.


Heated hand grips

Heated hand grips on the DesertX Discovery offer different levels of heating, so the rider can adapt to all weather.


Dedicated Livery

The dedicated Thrilling Black and Ducati Red livery is created with adhesive graphics to protect surfaces from scratches to make it even better suited to exploration.

1Touring windscreen

2Turn-by-Turn navigation


4Protective radiator grille

5Engine guard plate

6Central stand

7Aluminium cases

8Heated hand grips

9Dedicated Livery

Travel comfort Improved aerodynamic protection: easier and more comfortable.

Explore with ease and in comfort thanks to improved aerodynamic protection. The advanced characteristics of DesertX Discovery ensure an effortless ride, even over long distance.
More structured off-road travel Take on the road with the robust aluminium cases and special trim.

Clock up the miles with the sturdy aluminium cases and special trim to suit all conditions. The capacity and resistance of the accessories ensures maximum practicality, without affecting the handling of the bike, even on the toughest terrain.

*Bike specifications may vary depending on the market. Please verify with your local dealer.
Off-road For a bike that is more than ready to take on any trip and any terrain.

Tackle less extreme off-road trails with the dedicated trim, for safe, carefree adventuring. The aluminium hand guards and additional bike protectors offer stability and reliability, so you can head off the beaten track with peace on mind.
Engine All the power and reliability of the Testastretta 11°

The 937 cc Testastretta engine with desmodromic timing ensures the DesertX is powerful and reliable wherever it goes.
Explore the Testastretta 11°

View the tech specs

All the off-road attitude of DesertX and a comprehensive package of standard accessories dedicated to exploration in the purest sense.

Go to tech specs
Go to tech specs


Desertx is available in standard version with Star White Silk livery.

Listen to the DesertX sound 🔊

Enjoy the sound of the Testastretta 11° desmo and imagine yourself riding the DesertX: your next adventure is just around the corner!

Listen to the DesertX sound 🔊

Post-heritage and digital

The Centro Stile faced a totally new challenge with DesertX, seizing the opportunity to experiment with a new design language and seeking inspiration from the world of African rally raids.

The result is a sturdy, clean, modern design, based on shapes from the off-road world. A bike that wants to be robust, solid, and functional at the same time.

Explore more

Learn all the secrets of the DesertX straight from the words of the designers, riders and engineers who have been working on this project for years.

DesertX Presentation
DesertX Antoine Méo
and Pierluigi Zampieri:
the pilot and the engineer
DesertX Making of

The world aboard DesertX

Discover adventure aboard DesertX. Take your wildest dreams and make them a reality. DesertX will take you all the way.

Motorrad des Jahres 2024

German magazine Motorrad named DesertX bike of the year in the Enduro/Supermoto category.
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DesertX Discovery Discover the DesertX Discovery trim discover more
Ducati riding experience DRE Adventure academy and Travel discover more

Images and videos show only stunts performed by professional riders in closed streets and private area closed to public. Do not attempt. No animals were harmed.

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