Customise your Ducati!

At the SuperSport booth of World Ducati Week you can request a decal with your nickname and racing number in the colour of your choice, together with the official WDW 2018 logo to be applied to your bike, just like the Ducati MotoGP legends!

In real time Color&Trim will produce a special livery chosen from the most beautiful and iconic styles of recent Ducati history. Starting from a standard motorcycle, it will be possible to see the livery take shape, colour after colour, detail after detail, until its completion. And that's not all. You can actively participate in the customisation, helping the staff apply the decals and stripes, cutter and spatula in hand.

Color&Trim is specialised in the design and development of colours and finishes for every new bike. Therefore it works not only on painted parts (tank, fairing, frame, rims) but also on seats (materials, colours, stitching) and mechanical components (surface treatments). 

Just because this is the last step in the style development process doesn't mean that their work starts only once the bike has been finished. In fact, the C&T manager is involved right from the preparation phase of the final style model (clinic model), working with the designer to define most of the colours and finishes of the future bike. And the work doesn't end with conception and development. Indeed it continues until the SOP, providing necessary support during the industrialisation phase so as to obtain a result as close as possible to the designer's intent. 

It is possible to reserve your personalized sticker from 9 am to 11 am for a maximum of one per person. It will be possible to pick it up in the area from 4 pm to 6 pm.