Ducati Service: the exclusive maintenance for your bike at WDW2018

As is the case each year, at World Ducati Week you’ll be able to reserve a special treatment for your bike thanks to the Ducati Service! During the three days of the event, the Ducati mechanics will be available for technical help with your bike or to install the accessories which you may buy directly in Misano. This shall be a real branch of Borgo Panigale found in the Misano paddock.

Thanks to the presence of some Ducati suppliers at WDW, you’ll be able to take advantage of some targeted services for your bike. Pirelli, the prestigious Italian tyre maker, and Ducati have had a long running partnership made up of stories and products of extraordinary success: Pirelli will be in paddock to offer the tyre servicing

Andreani, specialists in suspensions and shock absorbers, will be present as well, to provide a free check of the suspensions setting and bike set-up of event participants before they get on the circuit.

A set of services that guarantee safety and comfort “on” and “off” track and that make your Ducati bike the undisputed protagonist of World Ducati Week!