Giancarlo Falappa

The motorcycling world has always had its heroes, namely riders who are remembered for their deeds or for their results. Giancarlo Falappa falls within this category for his tenacity in the race conduct that helped him to be one of the most combative riders of the World Superbike Championship. 

The "Lion of Jesi" took his first steps in two-wheeled sport by racing in cross-country.

His value and skill on the track earned him the title in the Italian Championship, riding a handcrafted bike by Villa. In the international Intermarche Cup competition in Lovolo, the Lion of Jesi was part of Villa team, together with Orlando and Vicarelli. 

Falappa began to be known for his skills as a rider and was able to find a bike to do his first tests on track, by signing in 1988 a two-year contract with a dealer who had entrusted him with a Suzuki GSX-R 1100 to race in the Italian Sport Production Championship. 

In 1990 the Lion joined the official Ducati team.

The way he got this job is also incredible. Marco Lucchinelli, then team manager for the Borgo Panigale company, was driving towards Misano Adriatico circuit at high speed, when he saw a rider opening his right door alongside him and greeting him. It was Giancarlo Falappa. This gesture’s madness and sympathy allowed him to be recruited at Ducati’s, which rightly gave him a lot of confidence.

On his debut riding the official 851, he obtained the pole position and won the race. In four years of Superbike racing he won 16 times, recorded 8 pole positions and got 36 podiums. 

His career was characterised by generosity and aggressiveness that made him loved by the public, who still surround him with affection and attention.


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