Miguel Galluzzi

Miguel Angel Galluzzi was born in Buenos Aires in 1959 and has always had in his blood a passion for engines as well as an almost visceral attraction for motorcycles. His father, his uncle and even his grandparents were riders. 

Monster, his most famous project, allowed him to enter the history of motorcycling in its own right.

He began studying engineering at the University of Miami (Florida), but after two years he discovered that there was a design school in Pasadena (California) and enrolled there. His first job in the automotive world, for the German company Opel, led him to settle in Europe. He then accepted the offer from Honda, which intended to open a design laboratory in Milan, therefore he moved to the capital of Lombardy.

During this job he saw a photo of a Ducati F1 without fairing. It was the tricolore version of 1988 and this image inspired him to create what he considered to be his ideal bike. He abandoned cars design to devote himself to that of motorcycles. 

During his holidays in 1991, he took the frame of a Ducati 851 and a Ducati 900 cc engine, assembled them and created a prototype.

Thanks to his insistence, Ducati produced a small series of a thousand units and after more than ten years, Monster continues to be the best-selling Ducati model. For Galluzzi, a bike must make people dream, and therefore every rider must feel that his bike is exclusive.


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