Ducati 60

Ducati 60 can be rightfully defined as the first motorcycle ever produced in the history of Ducati.

After July 1949, the company from Borgo Panigale started selling this bike, whose main feature was the frame designed by Gian Luigi Capellino (formerly the designer of similar frames made in collaboration with Caproni, from Trento), while the engine was basically an updated, improved 60-cc version of the “Cucciolo” engine, with a three-speed gearbox with shift pedal and the rocker arms suitably protected by an aluminium cover. 

The lightness and versatility of Ducati 60 made its fortune, so much that for the first time it was also targeted to a female audience; the weight and the exceptional mileage really made it suitable for anyone and for any place. Moreover, being so light, it allowed riders to carry their Ducati 60 in their homes, preventing it from being stolen. 




59,5 cc

Maximum power

2 hp at 4500 rpm

Maximum speed

60 Km/h

Dry weight

45 Kg


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