Born to travel

A new and exciting adventure, dedicated to those who have a desire to set off, a need to move and an instinct to leave, no matter where. To those who were simply born to travel.

Together with Ducati, you will cross towns, countries and continents. You will adventure to unexplored lands, meet new people and discover new cultures. You will breathe in the scents, sounds and flavours of distant places. You will cover mile after mile, driven by the most powerful motor of all: the thirst for adventure. Start your journey.

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An extraordinary coast to coast

Winding roads overlooking the sea, small villages and dirt paths through the olive trees, where the Multistrada 950 demonstrates its full versatility. The journey to the heart of Southern Italy is about to begin.

Let's start
Let's start

Beyond Boundaries

It’s time to delve into the wild side of Croatia and conquer the muddy, dusty roads: a land in which the Multistrada 1260 Enduro is free to express itself.


Dre Enduro

Broaden your riding horizons with the DRE Enduro Academy, dedicated to the off-road world.


Ducati Link App

Connect your Ducati and experience a new way of travelling. Set up parameters, go, record your performance and travel itineraries, meet new friends. This and much more in just one App.


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