750 F1

The 750 F1 used by Lucchinelli at the 1986 Battle of the Twin is still displayed at Museo Ducati.

In February 1985 the 750 F1 was exhibited for the first time at the Sydney Motorcycle Exhibition.

One of the most spectacular creations of its time, the 750 F1 is still one of the most coveted bikes in the history of Ducati. 

It is truly minimal: there is nothing superfluous in it and every detail, component, resonate with an essential spirit.

When it was launched, the F1 was one generation ahead in terms of handling and riding characteristics. Cycle magazine wrote about it: “The F1 allows skilled riders to understand what it feels like be part of a race, with the engine as full support...”.




820 cc

Maximum power

80 hp at 10000 rpm

Maximum speed

260 km/h

Dry weight

155 kg


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